Medical care and police

In emergencies, call 911. For nonemergencies, call 有料盒子视频 Police Department dispatchers at 907-474-7721.

An individual who experiences sexual assault or any other form of interpersonal violence is strongly encouraged to seek medical assistance. Even if you feel fine, seek assistance if you think you may be at risk for injury, pregnancy or infection. Police and forensic nurse examiners are in the best position to secure evidence of a crime. All physical evidence should be collected immediately, ideally within the first 24 hours. You can preserve evidence in the following ways: do not wash your face and hands, brush teeth or bathe; do not eat or drink; do not douche; and if you change clothes, keep them in a paper bag.

On campus:

有料盒子视频 Police 
(24 hours)
Phone: 907-474-7721
Emergencies: call 911

Individuals may report an incident that has happened on-campus, with or without filing charges.

Off campus:

(24 hours, confidential)
Phone: 907-458-5555

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners or Sexual Assault Response Teams
Phone: 907-458-5211

(24 hours)
Phone: 907-451-5100
Emergencies: call 911

(24 hours)
Phone: 907-450-6500
Emergencies: call 911

If the incident occurred in Fairbanks, but off-campus, a report may be filed with AST or FPD.